Student Speak


Four years at sharbati college of nursing were undoubtedly one of the best years of my educational life. When I look back now. I realize how sharbati college helped me to shape my personality and creative ideas infused self-confidence and made me ready to face the professional world. Sharbati college has given me a good experience , opportunity and education to update my knowledge and skills.


The college did not just give me a degree; instead , it taught me a lot of life lessons. be it in academics, sports , technical opportunity to perform and excel in them. the curriculum is so well planned that it offers one of the opportunity to be through in his academics. in addition to that , several workshopr are there to improve one's personality, which iis the demand of the industry at present .  the support of faculities and staff memebers cannot be neglected , who made these years smooth and easy despite the advent of COVID-19 in between the courses. so, ultimately , the college helps an individual groom holistically.


The knowledge and the teaching quality provided by the trainer was exceptional. The way he introduced about nursing and relate it to the practical applications had changed my way of thinking. The facilities available helped in improving the learning experience. I honestly appreciate the trainer.


 I am happy because they not just gave training, but also provided motivation and career guidance. Due to their efforts, I got a great job and I am happy to have chosen Nursing College. Many of my friends have also completed trainings from here and they are glad too.


I feel proud to say that  I 've graduated from sharbati college of nursing. All the members of the respective faculties, with their great experience and knowldege, the labs with all the required equipment , and all the facilities on campus have actually helped me to grow and to get a good place and standard in society. moreever , the course content and way of teaching have made my journey smooth and easy. The kind of exposure I got is worth sharing, that 's not only from in course-activities but also from extracurricular activities too.


I am very happy to express my views about college . As college has given many opportunituies to work in clinical and community area to provide the care for the needy people. college provides faclities for students like scholarship, co-curricular, indoor and outdoor sports. i am very thankful to sharabti college of nursing for providing such facilities with us.


Sharbati college is much beyond just on  institution. it actually denotes a culture of excellence & empowerment . The way in which I have grown up & become who really I am is something that i couldn't have accomplished without going to this institution. it is a perfect blend of joy and hardships. The entire faculty and other members of this institution are ver co-operative.  i cherish  every moment spent at sharbati college of nursing .......